Village Farms – Capital Structure and Current State 03/19

I haven’t spent much time running around Village Farm’s financials previously. A few pumps had been bumming around this one, and I didn’t see much the first time I looked at them. If you do know us, we stick to financial statements, not pitch decks.  They are a large operation already in production of produce, with significant sales and supply chain relationships already intact.  Given the size of the company, it can be challenging to look strictly at their cannabis business in the absence of segmented financial statements. With mix and yield values across multiple products (like peppers and tomatoes) and pricing across multiple…

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Patent #3 Cannabis vape oil by Hexo

Hexo has a Canadian patent application filed for a process of making and using cannabis vape oil with high concentrations of cannabinoids. The patent application is filed under CA3024645A1. Starting with the abstract:“The present disclosure relates to cannabis vaping oil for use in a vaping device. The cannabis oil includes a mixture of a cannabinoid source, a solubilizing aiding agent and minimal amount of carrier oil. The cannabinoid source and carrier oil being respective proportions sufficient to obtain high concentration of a cannabinoid.” They define ‘high concentration’ as greater or equal to 300 mg/mL of CBD and THC, note this doesn’t include the acid form found…

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