Cronos Q3 F18 Rundown Sept 30, 2018

Open up the financials and MDA and follow along. Sales Cronos evidenced a $0.4 million or 11% in crease in sales to $3.8 million.  They have some new disclosure that wasn’t available last Q, so I cannot track down the exact location of increase but I believe it to be all oil related.  Oil now constitutes 29% of overall sales. International sales make up $0.6 million of sales or 15% of mix. Again, new disclosure so no comparative. Sale price per gram increased to $7.32 from $7.12 likely due to higher…

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Aurora Rundown Q1 F2019 Sept 30, 2018

Open the financial statements and MDA and follow along.   I said this last rundown for ACB….   "As a generalization…. If you take two firms with negative Adj EBITDA and you combine them the first Q will never look pretty [See Canopy-Mettrum].  You might get sales boost and other improvements, but to squeeze out synergies takes more than the first Q.  You throw in a huge ramp of Selling expenses and G&A to Day 1 of rec… and these results shouldn’t be too shocking [Illumination series was a cost with…

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LHS Q2 F2019 Ended Aug 31, 2018

Open up the fins and MDA and follow along... A few items I would like to note prior to diving into fins… GMP received in June 2018… this will be important if/when Hemp gets pushed through Farm bill. Those big box stores want GMP. Issued more shares to satisfy a USD 6.0 million bill for work done on the 360 complex by Thermo Energy Systems [Leamington co… I might add.] 4 dispensaries operating for the Q.. 3 more open in Q3 with 4 new leases signed. That gets to 11 vs…

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