WECann™ 2018 – Video Release – Operations Panel

From the event, our Operational Excellence Panel explores: Purpose built vs retrofit, Batch vs Continuous Harvest, Agricultural SOPs vs Pharma And more! With: Dieter MacPherson, VP Operations, Aurora Dan Sutton, CEO Tantalus Labs John Cervini, SVP Infrastructure & Technology, Aphria Ryan Lee, CEO Chemovar Corp.   https://youtu.be/JAesg-sOUCU

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LHS – Structure & Current State 01/19

Been awhile since I last looked at LHS. Share price volatility has been somewhat typical for sector, but this one (unlike other US based shops) hasn’t yet seen the love (and revenue expansion) that other operators are starting to show. Let’s see what the financials have to say…. $1MM/month in revenues reported. Promise of more stores opening underway - IIRC, was to be 25 14 of them by end of February. They’re stating they’ll have 14 up and operating by June. Some good news, in that an operator in the state is allowed up to 25 stores - it's been bumped up to 30 now.…

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