Banks, Gas, and Grass: The States Act.

Prompted during our '2019 Look at the Year Ahead' podcast, Blue mused over the States Act. It reminded me of a couple of historical events which I think are revealing - in terms of impact of trade within a nation - and can give us a glimpse into what the Act could mean for the cannabis sector. First, we'll have to go back to 1864, where an Act of Congress was passed....originally called "H.R. 455", it's become known as 'Act of June 8, 1864'. A significant amount has been written on it and the conditions that inspired its' creation and passing. You can probably find a crap ton…

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Inside the Ropes Podcast #17

Our final (regular) podcast of 2018! We cover some recent events in the sector, with moves by Altria, Novartis, as well as Tilray, Cronos, and the blast crater surrounding the organized short on Aphria......Health Canada's regulation of edibles, and more.... We'll have two more coming shortly, having a look back at 2018 - as well as looking forward to the year ahead. Happy New Year! On Soundcloud, and on iTunes.....

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