US MSO Peer Comparison – SGA & SBC as % of Sales

With most of the US MSO's with a stand alone Q reported... we begin to drill down into the operating results of US MSOs. Given not all MSO's report Selling Expenses, i would suggest the reader focus on Aggregate SGA for comparison purposes. Individual Trend Analysis graphs will follow.

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Consolidation Is Inevitable. Or is it?

Business is filled with buzzwords and catch-phrases. Statements that intend to define a business situation or condition. Perhaps to enforce an action item….or sometimes to summarize feelings….the ‘zeitgeist’ as it were. Perhaps simply put out there as a way to phrase a problem for common understanding. While not always original, they can be catchy for awhile. They enter our lexicon and loiter for awhile, only to get either used until they become stale, or eventually become meaningless. ‘Traditional thinking yields traditional results’. ‘It is what it is’. ‘We’ll pivot to lever our synergies’ <snort>. Speaking of traditional thinking, here’s an often used Commandment about…

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Rundown: Organigram Q3 F2019 Ended May 31, 2019

It is always nice to get a fairly straightforward set of financials and a pleasure given the disclosure OGI offers.  Open the Financials and the MDA and let’s get to it. Sales: Table 1: Sales Delta’s Total sales retrenched 8% to $24.8 million from $27 million QoQ. Medical sales totaled $2.8 million, increasing $0.4 million and were pretty evenly split between flower and oil.  Rec sales showed a 11% decrease in rec oil to $3.9 million and a 11% reduction in rec flower sales to $17.9 million from $20.1 million. Rec is still the dominant factor in sales mix at 88% down from 91%…

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