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Patent #5: Oral Spray by GW Pharma

GW Pharmaceuticals has one of the largest cannabis patent portfolios in the industry. One of those patents is for an oral cannabinoid spray filed in Canada under CA2454644C set to expire in 2023. The patent is granted in several other countries as well, but not the USA. This patent is one protecting GW Pharmaceuticals Sativex formulation. Starting with the abstract:“The invention relates to pharmaceutical formulations, and more particularly to formulations containing cannabinoids for administration via a pump action spray. In particular, the invention relates to pharmaceutical formulations, for use in administration of lipophilic medicaments comprising one or more cannabinoids via mucosal surfaces, comprising: at least one…

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Patent #4 Cannabinoid extraction by Nextleaf Solutions

Our next patent is a cannabis extraction protocol and system developed by Nextleaf Solutions. The patent has recently been granted in the USA under US9987567B1. Nextleaf’s CEO has touted this patent as an accomplishment for ‘beating big pharma, big tobacco, big alcohol and every single billions-dollar cannabis company to the first issued patent for extraction and purification of cannabinoids’. We’ll be evaluating the relevance of this statement along with the patent.  Starting with the abstract:“Raw plant material is mixed with ethanol under pressure to extract essential elements. The resulting crude oil and ethanol with the dissolved essential elements is separated from the raw plant…

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Value of Patents

Some companies in the cannabis industry have large patent portfolios of 60 patent families representing hundreds of patents and applications in different regions or 40 filed patents. Do these numbers mean anything in terms of value? Not alone, the value of any patent is in the contents, where the contents are desirable to others in certain circumstances.  A patent only has value if it’s actively preventing someone from infringing on it. Meaning, someone else must see value in the process/thing you’ve patented. If I own a company operating as a monopoly, patent protection meaningless. If I own a company operating in an active open market…

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Patent #3 Cannabis vape oil by Hexo

Hexo has a Canadian patent application filed for a process of making and using cannabis vape oil with high concentrations of cannabinoids. The patent application is filed under CA3024645A1. Starting with the abstract:“The present disclosure relates to cannabis vaping oil for use in a vaping device. The cannabis oil includes a mixture of a cannabinoid source, a solubilizing aiding agent and minimal amount of carrier oil. The cannabinoid source and carrier oil being respective proportions sufficient to obtain high concentration of a cannabinoid.” They define ‘high concentration’ as greater or equal to 300 mg/mL of CBD and THC, note this doesn’t include the acid form found…

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Cannabis as a Commodity Part 2: Health Foods

As investors in new industry surrounding a multi-purpose cash-crop it’s important for us to understand how the plant can be broken down into different product formats. The primary focus of the industry has been to produce cannabinoids and terpenes, but the rest of the plant is full of valuable components we can use. In a mature industry, companies that can fully exploit all products lines from the plant will expand the furthest across different industries. They would theoretically receive the highest margin per plant. These companies will eclipse LP’s focused solely on producing flower and oils in terms of size if they’re successful. The…

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