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Patent #9 Botanical Cannabis Formulations

Next patent up is titled “Cannabis extracts and methods of preparing and using the same”, owned by United Cannabis Corp. They’re publicly traded on the OTC Markets under CNAB. The patent has been approved in the USA under US9730911B2 and is set to expire in 2035. The patent is still pending in many countries, including Canada. The patent has already been used by United Cannabis Corp to file a patent infringement claim in Colorado. Starting with the abstract:“The invention relates to the extraction of pharmaceutically active components from plant materials, and more particularly to the preparation of a botanical drug substance (BDS) for incorporation in to…

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Patent #8 CBN for Neurobehavioral Disorders

Next patent up is titled “Composition for the treatment of neurobehavioral disorders”, owned by Cannabis Science Inc. The patent has been approved under US20160129060A1 and is set to expire in 2034. Cannabis Science Inc has a focus on use of medicinal cannabinoids for a variety of applications through their pre-clinical and early clinical trials. According to their website they have yet for any of their compounds/formulations to Phase 2, with about half still in the pre-clinical trial stage.  Starting with the abstract:“The invention relates to a composition for use in the treatment of neurobehavioral disorders, a Cannabis plant extract comprising Cannabinol preferably with other constituents…

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Patent #7 Delivery of Cannabinoids for Non-Medicinal uses by Creso Pharma

This week we’re looking at a patent filed by an odd company. Creso Pharma is a cannabis company whose core operations are in Switzerland, Canada and Australia. They’re a publicly traded company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. They own a cultivation facility in Nova Scotia, acquired through purchase of Mernova.  Creso has filed a patent through the Wold Intellectual Property Organization under WO2019030561A1 but have yet to go through the process of granting the patent in each country/region. The filed patent is titled “Composition containing cannabinoids with improved bioavailability”. Starting with the abstract:A food or nutritional or dietary composition or food or nutritional or dietary supplement…

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Patent #6 Topical Cannabis Formulation by Satimed

Every patent or application I’ve covered so far has been owned by a publicly traded company. This time I’m covering a European patent application was filed by the private company Satimed. They produce and sell a variety of hemp extract products, including the topical cream protected by this patent application. The European application is filed under EP3439678A1, the patent has already been granted in Lithuania.  Starting with the abstract:This invention provides topical composition comprising essential combination of synergistically acting phyto-active materials, non-psychotropic phytocannabinoids from the plant of Cannabis sativa: Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), Cannabivarin (CBV) Cannabigerol (CBG) in combination with extract of Calendula…

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Patent #5: Oral Spray by GW Pharma

GW Pharmaceuticals has one of the largest cannabis patent portfolios in the industry. One of those patents is for an oral cannabinoid spray filed in Canada under CA2454644C set to expire in 2023. The patent is granted in several other countries as well, but not the USA. This patent is one protecting GW Pharmaceuticals Sativex formulation. Starting with the abstract:“The invention relates to pharmaceutical formulations, and more particularly to formulations containing cannabinoids for administration via a pump action spray. In particular, the invention relates to pharmaceutical formulations, for use in administration of lipophilic medicaments comprising one or more cannabinoids via mucosal surfaces, comprising: at least one…

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