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Cannabis: From Dumb Plants to Stable Cultivars

Almost a year ago I wrote “Cannabis: The Dumb Plant”, which was a simplistic look at why cannabis is different from conventional crops we know and love. In this article I’d like to delve a little deeper into what gives rise to variation within cannabis and how we can breed consistency into the phenotypes we desire.First off, what is a cultivar? A cultivar is a conserved set of traits within a species. Broccoli is a cultivar ofBrassica oleracea, if I plant 100 Brassica oleracea seeds from the broccoli variety, all of the seeds will grow into what we know as broccoli. Cannabis is famous…

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DHydra Technologies

DHydra Technologies drying machine, manufactured by AdvanTech, uses microwaves and a vacuum to pull the moisture out of cannabis. The same technology is currently used by some to dry fruits and vegetables. During the drying process low boiling point terpenes are also removed with water, but are recaptured. Their machine can dry 150 lb/hour of trim or whole flower. They’re leased to LP’s, starting with a small unit to test, then switching to a larger unit. Since it’s leased all maintenance is covered with trays being the only part that needs regular replacements. Leasing their machine comes with delivery, setup and training. The technology…

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Selective Comparison of the Cannabis Extraction Industry Part 3: Transdermal Cannabinoids

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to our options for consuming cannabis. Smoking, eating, drinking, what variety we can have! What’s left? Patches? Injecting? Suppositories? No, no, too far. In this article I will talk about patches, including oral strips, that deliver cannabinoids to your blood stream through the external cell layers of your mouth and skin.Lifestyle Delivery System (LDS:CSE) sells an oral strip akin to a breath strip for delivery of cannabinoids. They claim you can feel the effects in 90 seconds or less. Comparable delivery time to smoking and much faster than ingesting. After extraction the oil is processed into 99%…

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Cannabis: The Dumb Plant

I wrote this a while back to explain to someone why Canopy was growing different strains in their indoor facility than Aphria was growing in their greenhouses. When growing cannabis, water and light requirements must be kept within certain ranges at different stages in the grow process. Unlike crops we’ve cultivated for centuries, we haven’t selectively bred cannabis for stable growth traits required in industrial scale cultivation. Instead, we’ve bred the plant to produce the most THC/CBD with the greatest number of trichomes. You can picture the scenario as a human growing hair, if we breed a human to grow hair at 3x the…

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Selective Comparison of the Cannabis Extract Industry Part 1: Extraction

When I look at and compare cannabis companies I always start by looking at their public documents. After some time trying to decipher how the companies operate, I inevitably get annoyed at the lack of detail in both their financial statements and on their websites. At this point I turn the scientific literature behind their products to glean some insight into the operations they don’t want to communicate with their shareholders. For some context, I started this analysis with the intention of comparing some of the companies on this listwith others speckled throughout, since they fall into a similar category of companies that primarily…

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