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Aphria Q3 F2019 Rundown – Feb 28, 2019

[OGI will be up tomorrow] Open up the fins and MDA and follow along. Sales There a few new moving parts with Q3F2019 with the acquisition of CC Pharma on Jan. 9/19 and the ABP for a whole Q. Aphria sales increased $52 million wholly on the back of the CC Pharma and ABP acquisitions, as cannabis sales declined 20% pre excise tax from $22.3 million to $17.9 million QoQ.  CC and ABP contributed over $1 million a day in sales for the Q. Both KGs sold in Rec and medical dropped to 1,329kg and 1,274kgs decreases of 32% and 13%, respectively.  Rec revenue…

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TREND Analysis: “Gas in the Tank” Aphria

This will get updated after next Monday's earnings release. But it might give you an idea of what s possible for the upcoming report, As Aphria doesn't break down WIP and FG, as such I have used an Inventory Delta. Q0 = November 2018 Q0-1 = August 2018 was the Q where they destroyed plants as they did not have the staff to harvest.. Q0-2 = May 2018... And in March 2018 Phase III was licensed Q0-3= Feb 2018

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Looking at some Canopy Inventory Related Metrics re FVI

I was looking at CGC's Fair Value Increment and other inventory charges (FVI) from their income statement, and trying to determine if there was some correlation between when [what I see as inventory writedowns being flushed through the income statement] FVI were flushed and inventory deltas. This is what I came up with. It would appear in Q ended Sept/18 when they made their largest FVI of $51 million that it corresponded with a drop in Inv$/KGs inventory from $5.28/gram to $4.15/gram. In their MDA last Q they indicated rec revenue per gram was $6.96 in Q3. If you add $2.78 FVI/gram sold last…

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