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Tour of MPX facility – Las Vegas Nov 2018

After touring a fair number of Canadian production facilities, it is an odd thing to see a large metal cabinet market 'pesticides' anywhere near a grow. As is seeing large spray canisters right beside it. One of the novelties about the Canadian experience I guess - being limited to some 22 registered pesticides, there is a fair amount of apprehension around their presence and visibility in grow ops. Even if they're called 'Doktor Doom Formula 420'.  Lots of biological vectors used to be sure though, and there were several bug sellers at MJBizCon…

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MJBizCon 2018 Las Vegas – Wrap Up

More than 30,000 listed for attendance, with some 1,000 booths, and some 50 different sessions over three days, this was the largest show I've been to. And I saw a ton of things. Dispensary Visit I got shlepped to a dispensary one day - an investor pitch combined with a tour of the operations. It was busy in the store, and they pound out the poundage. Products are segregated by quality: low, medium, high - and prices are variable accordingly. I also peeled off to one on my own lonesome, to…

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Live from MJBizCon 2018 – Vegas

Well. There's big, and then there's this. I don't know the number of people here, but it's into the tens of thousands. And the price of admission keeps the circus folk out - the expense account set who blaze all day in front of the hall admiring each other's weed while 'networking'. That's not to say there isn't gear here, there is. And boy, does it stink. I can summarize MJBizCon in 4 words: Extraction, terpenes, vapes, and lighting. There is an alcohol/beer tilt: Health Canada would lose their shit over…

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The Year of the Breeder

When I was at the Vancouver Lift Expo in early January 2018, one of the panelists in one of the sessions declared 2018 to be the: ‘Year of Ancillary’. Pretty much nailed it. It’s wasn't that producers were going to immediately stop being fashionable for investors. It meant that the businesses surrounding the entire cannabis complex will start beginning to really hop. Packaging manufacturers. Testing companies. Those that support the core of production and processing and distribution - but aren't it. Lifestyle publications and information sources and bong makers and nutrient companies and…

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On the Road Again

In the aftermath of ‎WeCann™2018, I find myself a little tired, but also fired up 'tween the ears. Over the last while, our crew (and poor Blue) has had to suffer listening to my musings about cannabis being 'disruptive'. Kinda like how Uber and AirBnB are in their respective space. Cannabis ain't a technology tho. It's just a plant, right? Yeah. I've a favorite line I repeat to anyone unlucky enough to have asked my opinion. That cannabis lies at the intersection of many, many commercial roads. Recreational. CPG. Pharma. Ancillary.…

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State Monopolies and The Investor

I’ve railed at various times about the creation of State Monopolies to distribute cannabis. I’ve experience with them in my professional life - notably power, and interacting within the booze regime in Alberta, where I’d acquired an importation license to import tequila and craft beer from the states. It seems right to put all of it in one place, and explain why these Zombies of the State are an anachronism in the 21st century: utterly vulgar for consumers, businesses, investors, and ultimately......the citizen. When the pure, naked, and bottomless greed of…

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Mollytime’s Trading Post

One of the most lasting things that has stuck with me since business school was from an entry level course on futures and options. The 'perfesser said on Day 1: “Only a idiot would trade on technicals, and only a fool would ignore them”. That set up the first of many lessons I got over the next 20 years that would shape my views around trade. And one of the first things that got beat into me the first time I got near a trade floor was: If you don’t know…

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