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State Monopolies and The Investor

I’ve railed at various times about the creation of State Monopolies to distribute cannabis. I’ve experience with them in my professional life - notably power, and interacting within the booze regime in Alberta, where I’d acquired an importation license to import tequila and craft beer from the states. It seems right to put all of it in one place, and explain why these Zombies of the State are an anachronism in the 21st century: utterly vulgar for consumers, businesses, investors, and ultimately......the citizen. When the pure, naked, and bottomless greed of governments across the country rolled cannabis into their purview, I wrote a couple…

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Mollytime’s Trading Post

One of the most lasting things that has stuck with me since business school was from an entry level course on futures and options. The 'perfesser said on Day 1: “Only a idiot would trade on technicals, and only a fool would ignore them”. That set up the first of many lessons I got over the next 20 years that would shape my views around trade. And one of the first things that got beat into me the first time I got near a trade floor was: If you don’t know exactly what you are talking about.....don’t say a fucking word. And that’s some…

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