Dive Bar Pub Crawl XMAS 2018

Ah, it's that time of the year again.The smell of chestnuts roasting....the sights of snack tables filled with shortbread & egg nog....of lights and decorations and presents....and that time when the elves revisit the route on their 2017 Dive Bar Pub Crawl.Some of the share prices have been up and down faster than a toddler's mood. Let's take a look, and see who has been 'naughty' or 'nice'.Quick Links:MPX - KALY - GLH - THC - EAT - RVV - LDS - RTI - TNY - CHV - LIB - QCC - ISOL - IMH - MDM - ATT - IN - TGIF - ICC…

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Dive Bar Pub Crawl XMAS 2017

I'm doing a tribute to the 24 days of Christmas by going over the financial statements of 24 companies that are considered downrange, speculative, and just plain high risk. The possible legal cannabis industry already has a ton of risk in it - but this stuff - is only for thrill seekers. All opinions are my own, and certainly not a recommendation for or against any of them, or to buy or sell. Many are companies I've never looked at before. In some cases, I'd never even heard of them. I limited myself to 45mins to each, and kept mainly to most recent financial…

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