CannTrust Waterfall: Projected Yields from Biological Assets, Harvest, Sale (KGs)

You can see the ramp up of the new capacity at TRST as Projected Yield from Bio Assets has shown substantial growth. They are not "Aurora like" in their Projected Yields coming to Harvest with a 68% and 72% in past two Q's vs ACB 91%. This could be because they MIGHT be growing chemovars that need more than 12 weeks [one quarter] or they might not have the new production space dialed in for actual harvest capacity. EDIT: a community member pointed out that the average grow is 110 days according to Notes to Fins. As 110 days is > than 90 day…

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Aurora -Waterfall: Projected Yield Bios, Harvest and Sold [KGs]

I usually start these Trends with Canopy as they are the market cap leader. However, ACB, CannTrust and Ogi have all the elements for this graph so I will start with ACB and move to OGI and TRST before getting to the rest of the Peer group... ACB also happen to be the market leader by harvest last Q. I am tracking this for a few reasons. I want to see trend lines to see how Bios get transferred into inventory then soldI want to see how accurate the conversion is from Projected Yield to Harvest QoQI want to see how the KGs Sold…

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Peer Comparisons in KGs: Projected Yield from Bio Assets, Harvest, Sold, and Delta of Harvest to Sold

This is anew set of graphs I am playing with. It is a little frustrating as not every LP provides each element of the graph. Aphria only provides one element - KGs Sold. Whereas Canopy does not provide Projected Yield from Bio Assets. And Tilray, being US GAAP, doesn't have Bio Assets. Ill start posting their respective trends later this week. Aurora and CannTrust Trend graphs will tell an interesting story.

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