Aphria 1 KGs to Sales Shelf Math

I figure I would take a stab at seeing when the harvest to shelf ramp for Aphria 1 might start showing up in financials and when it should be at full capacity. 20,000 kgs/year capacity pre PIV PV is 5,000 kgs/q or 1,667/week [NOTE: This is reduced from 30,000 kgs capacity as part of facility had to be used for mother plants] 22,000 plants moved into PIV PV March 4, 2019. 55 grams a plant = 1,210 kgs incremental moved to PIV PV 12,000 plants per week thereafter. 55 grams a plant = 660 kgs incremental per week moved to PIV PV. 110,000 kgs/year…

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Aphria Q2 F2019 Rundown

Open up the Financial Statements and MDA and follow along. First partial Q of adult rec is on the books. Cannabis sales [net of excise] was $19.5 million while non-cannabis sales were $2.2 million.  The increase in cannabis sales was $6.8 million a 53% increase QoQ, while non-cannabis was $1.6 million up from $0.6 million and attributable to Argentine asset ABP for 2 of 3 months in Q. Cannabis Sales in KGs increased to 3,409 up from 1,778 or 70%.  Rec accounted for 1,946 kgs [57% of total] while Medical was 1,463 kgs [43%] a decrease of 23 kgs QoQ. Revenue per gram of…

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Aphria Q1 F19 Aug 31, 2018 Rundown

I do want to add a comment before we get going….  Aphria always had an industry leading MDA in my opinion.  They stepped up their game considerably [as did ACB last Q].  They increased disclosure of Gain on Bios, FVI, QoQ impacts on cost per gram, and their detail on construction cost overruns and plant destruction were [to me] the type of disclosure the industry should strive towards.  They could always make me more happy by: providing kg’s harvested, sold and held in inventory like CGC or providing QoQ expense commentary as ACB added last Q providing FG and WIP break downs on inventory…

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