Peer Comparisons: Tracking last Q Sales to Inventory on Hand to Start the Next Q

I have spent a lot of time in the Income Statement with the charts I have rolled out, and even a little on the Cash Flow side with EBITDA. I decided to start playing with some graphs that would help determine if an LP would have enough "gas in the tank" [eg. Finished Goods Inventory, WIP and then Bio Assets] to be able to achieve a sales increase in the following Q. With many LP's having had the ability to "stockpile" in advance of Adult Rec, will they have shot their load in the first Q? The Peer Comparison doesn't answer that, but I'll…

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Aurora Plants +EBITDA Flag in Q2 F2019 – How in the world do they get there?

NOTE: All before IFRS voodoo!! Opex = Cash related OPEX. I must say, I was quite surprised to hear Aurora planting the Positive EBITDA flag for Q4 F2019 [April 1- June 30, 2019].  Firstly, because this is quite the hill to climb in two quarters, given they are close to negative $40 million in Adj EBITDA.  And Secondly, because ACB doesn’t even disclosed Adjusted EBITDA calculations in their MDA. But in this era of C-Suites hoping to dodge direct financial metric questions like Patches O’Houlihan was tossing a wrench at them it was a pleasant surprise.  And that it has to do with one…

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Peer & Trend Comparison Gross Margin % Before IFRS Voodoo

I will take a one day break from posting the Income Statement Driver and Implied Breakeven charts to post this new one on Peer & Trend Gross Margin. OGI sure has a pretty trend. I will start using the above in quarterly Rundowns.

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ACB Q2 F2019 Rundown Dec. 31, 2018

Firstly, this has taken a little more time as the addition of Rec has added lots of new data to play with.  Usually new data takes me a couple of Q’s to get comfortable with. So bear with me as I try out some new things. Secondly, having scanned Twitter and Reddit I find it interesting the reactions that we are seeing.  These LP’s are oil tankers NOT Zodiacs.  You couple that with the absolute Gong Show that rec roll out has been in the majority of the provinces, sprinkle in the fact that no LP seemingly gets their HC licenses when they think…

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