Peer Comparisons in KGs: Projected Yield from Bio Assets, Harvest, Sold, and Delta of Harvest to Sold

This is anew set of graphs I am playing with. It is a little frustrating as not every LP provides each element of the graph. Aphria only provides one element - KGs Sold. Whereas Canopy does not provide Projected Yield from Bio Assets. And Tilray, being US GAAP, doesn't have Bio Assets. Ill start posting their respective trends later this week. Aurora and CannTrust Trend graphs will tell an interesting story.

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Looking at some Canopy Inventory Related Metrics re FVI

I was looking at CGC's Fair Value Increment and other inventory charges (FVI) from their income statement, and trying to determine if there was some correlation between when [what I see as inventory writedowns being flushed through the income statement] FVI were flushed and inventory deltas. This is what I came up with. It would appear in Q ended Sept/18 when they made their largest FVI of $51 million that it corresponded with a drop in Inv$/KGs inventory from $5.28/gram to $4.15/gram. In their MDA last Q they indicated rec revenue per gram was $6.96 in Q3. If you add $2.78 FVI/gram sold last…

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Peer Comparisons: Tracking last Q Sales to Inventory on Hand to Start the Next Q

I have spent a lot of time in the Income Statement with the charts I have rolled out, and even a little on the Cash Flow side with EBITDA. I decided to start playing with some graphs that would help determine if an LP would have enough "gas in the tank" [eg. Finished Goods Inventory, WIP and then Bio Assets] to be able to achieve a sales increase in the following Q. With many LP's having had the ability to "stockpile" in advance of Adult Rec, will they have shot their load in the first Q? The Peer Comparison doesn't answer that, but I'll…

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