MedReleaf Q4 F2018 Rundown

This could be the final Leaf Rundown by yours truly if Acb completes the acquisition. So open up the Fin Stmts and MDA and let’s get to it! There is not a lot of narrative that is helpful in MDA explaining QoQ changes [pet peeve]. Sales increase QoQ of 6% and YoY of 8%. The VAC Meteor Strike has impacted Leaf for quite some time, and anyone looking at year over year will notice a substantial deterioration in YoY. Sales: The Sales increase of 6% QoQ was on the back of 13% increase in grams sold. More work for less revenue is a theme…

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MedReleaf Q3 F2018 Rundown

Before I get to the rundown… MDA announces they have a Letter of Intent with SAQ for a minimum 8,000 kg a year for three years. And one of 6 LP’s to get a Letter of Intent. Happened in Feb/18… So where are the other LP announcements???Also, the conference call had technical difficulties and I hung up after a dead line occurred during Q’s.Sales increase QoQ to $11,850 a 15.6% increase. This was the first Q without any VAC changes from Nov/16 and May/17 muddying the trends. The bridge$880 in dry a 11% increase – 76% of sales mix$589 in oil a 33% increase…

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MedReleaf Q2 F2018 Rundown

I imagine quite a few readers (new ones mostly) when they first hear u/mollytime rambling on about “regulatory meteor strikes” that will impact the cannabis sector in Canada ... likely roll their eyes and consider him a Chicken Little. Someone just raining on the parade. Well this review will remind a few readers (and be news to many folks who just got into cannabis investing in 2017) about a “regulatory meteor strike”. Welcome to my review of Medreleaf. You should probably start by reading this Actually you should also pull up on Sedar LEAF’s Q2 Sept 30/17 and MDA, as it makes what I…

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