Peer & Trend Comparison Gross Margin % Before IFRS Voodoo

I will take a one day break from posting the Income Statement Driver and Implied Breakeven charts to post this new one on Peer & Trend Gross Margin. OGI sure has a pretty trend. I will start using the above in quarterly Rundowns.

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Tilray Q3 F2018 Rundown

USD unless noted. Last Q we noted on the Rundown and on “Inside The Ropes” podcast that Tilray had very little Finished Goods Inventory of Flower $89k and Extracts $361k at the end of the last Q and net decrease in overall cannabis inventory [decreased $913k].  We surmised that this would lead to either constrained sales growth unless they bought from 3rd parties, and if they did buy from third parties… a hit to gross margin. We have also repeatedly noted that NOT ONE financial media company has brought this up. Well, we got that right. Open up the financials and MDA and follow…

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Tilray Q2 F2018 Rundown

Open up the fins and MDA and follow along.As this is my first Tilray rundown I trust the Community will be easy on me as I learn more about them. Usually it takes a few rundowns to settle in.SalesTilray increased sales to USD 9.7 million [C$ 12.8] a 25% increase QoQ. This was on 1514 KGs [1299 kgs last q] at a price per gram of C$8.38 vs C$7.55 last Q. A greater mix of higher value extracts – 46% up from 40% - is the reason. Cdn sales were up 24%, while non Cdn were up 77% but an insignificant amount of US$…

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