C21 Investments – Structure & Current State – 06/19

Way back in early March, I ran the financial statements of this outfit. We saw an effective shell company renting various parts of the value chain, with options to purchase on much of it. A couple of the deals were expected to be struck/closed in short order.  With 40 pages of financials, and a 43 page MD&A, there’s a load of errata to wade through: yet the MD&A is wafer thin despite its' size. The EFF deal closed. All paper, and really just assumed mortgage payments. It looks and feel like a distressed asset from the start. Curious to see segmented reporting on it.…

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C21 Investments – Structure and Current State

After now having caught up with the Heritage Cannabis Holdings financial statements for the past year, a few things around it caught my eye.  Not simply that they’d increased their float by 1.25x to buy other businesses that promise to be in business one day - but that they’d been so aggressively promoted on Twitter, and by some of the usual ‘paid placement’ spots on the internet. Ugh, I hate that shit. Another outfit - C21 Investments - has been getting the same ‘run through the wash’ from several outlets. Twitter is rife with forecast based spreadsheets on the gorgeousness of their particular pageant…

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