CannTrust – Structure & Current State – 08/18

Cash is deep and holding. Run rates consistent with build.Build assets accumulating. Straight line.Selling and shipping costs accelerating. Inelegant at this stage.Salaries & G&A & those pesky shipping costs above taking flight.Good positioning in net income. Despite the hiccup in costs, they appear to be tracking.Nothing too exciting in optionality struck.If I’m happy to see $300k of intangibles, it’s because future payments (offset) is linked to performance, and is entirely based upon genetics acquisition. Like walking out of a fresh shower compared to much of the sector (Note 9. Can be used as a benchmark against other in-sector intangible bookings).ST investments all in GIC’s.Mortgage…

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Canntrust – Structure and Current State – 03/18

Doing a run through of a company's financials for the first time can be like being on a first date. You don't really get to know them until you go out a few more times together.This is the third set of financials I've done for TRST, and they not only get 'easier' as one goes <snicker>, but this one is refreshing inasmuch as they're actually reporting income. Also, I'm spending more time on this one, I largely skimmed the last 2.It was curious to see an NR on the results, but without the financials posted in Sedar simultaneously. Looks like a day or two…

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