MedReleaf – Structure and Current State – 02/2018

Man, these guys are cash deep.A few notes from their financials:G&A is extremely high. Uncertain whether it's mainly due to formation, or whether it's a function of stabilizing operations....or maybe their GMP/ISO setup initiated a chunk of this. Either or, one should expect incremental volumes to be added for far less per $ of G&A.$30MM in G&A to sell $11MM in dope. Gads.Royalty agreement was renegotiated. Seems alot of pomp and circumstance to get back a voucher for $250k.The issuance of some $8MM in shares & $1.5MM in cash to purchase 3 'intangible assets' on December 8th looks like for strain acquisition. "Equiposa, Orellium…

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