Charlotte’s Web Holdings – Structure and Current State – 12/19

Charlotte’s Web Holdings focuses only on CBD/hemp exposure - they don’t offer psychoactive cannabinoids. They claim though that flavonoids and terpenes and their proprietary mixtures of them offer an advantage over straight CBD. The CBD market is already competitive, and product differentiation would appear to be a competitive advantage. Probably no other company has benefitted as much from the US Farm Bill more than CWEB has. Their share price has been a straight out bull run, and is an outfit that hasn’t struggled to maintain IPO price. At all. To the financials: Relatively cash deepUsing all the product they can get. Inventory low to…

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HEXO Q2F19 Jan 31, 2019 in Pictures

I thought I would try to tell the story of Hexo Q2 in pictures. Income Statement Drivers and Implied Breakeven TREND. Income Statement Drivers and Implied Breakeven PEER. Gross Margin % TREND & PEER Tier 2 LPs. Gross Margin Peer Comparison Latest Q - Full Peer Group TREND Analysis SGA & SBC as % of Sales. PEER Analysis SGA & SBC as % Sales. PEER: Implied Breakeven Sales divided by Current Sales. PEER: Implied Breakeven Sales to +EBITDA divided by Current Sales.

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