Molly’s Trading Post: Closed for Business

I’m not going to go forward with the Trading Post.

Over WeCann™, I spoke with a raft of people. And I also learned that without knowledge, context, and experience: concepts can be easily misconstrued.

There might be miscommunication/misunderstanding. Perhaps someone skips a part. Maybe only get halfway through, and want to go rather than read the manual. Happens all the time.

In all these cases, the potential downside is greater than the potential upside for TheCannalysts professionally, and me personally. Because I don’t want to see someone beach on the rocks. And sure as hell, I offer no guarantees of ‘get rich’.

We’ll never do that here. We do analysis, not advice.

For me to get into trade, there is far more downside than upside.

And that in the vernacular….is a ‘bad trade’.

Apologies for the false start.

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