On the Road Again

In the aftermath of ‎WeCann™2018, I find myself a little tired, but also fired up ‘tween the ears.

Over the last while, our crew (and poor Blue) has had to suffer listening to my musings about cannabis being ‘disruptive’. Kinda like how Uber and AirBnB are in their respective space.

Cannabis ain’t a technology tho. It’s just a plant, right?


I’ve a favorite line I repeat to anyone unlucky enough to have asked my opinion.

That cannabis lies at the intersection of many, many commercial roads. Recreational. CPG. Pharma. Ancillary. Health and Wellness. Pet care. And several more.

That it’ll dislodge and disrupt and force some to adapt, or drive some entities to relocate in different economic hunting grounds.

I am a Gen-Xer raised in the tactile (think foosball and pinball), but was there during the formation of the synthetic (think SuperPet3000 or Atari1200), I can’t help but think that ‘everything old is new again’.

‎WeCann™2018 was a blur. A 100fps spin on the ‘ol Tilt’o Whirl. And a damn good time it was.

I can’t help but think the plant itself is disruptive. A ‘change of the channel’ as it were. A departure from the existing topology: not replicating format, but forging ‎a different path in theme and end state.

That we simply aren’t talking about the plant and growing it and consuming it….but that the plant is taking us where we need to go.

That TheCannalysts don’t do paid rundowns helps. That we emerged from a freeform social media platform. That in 11 months, we have gone from a few dozen subscribers to what we are now. That we’ve had our own conference with an established and professional and high performing partner in Grant Thornton.

That maybe we are simply hitchhikers…along for the ride with this plant…that does what it’s always done.

That our desire is not to replicate the stock bullshit delivered so often in the photocopy platforms‎ of the tried and true info machines of yesteryear.

With that in mind…& in the airport today…..I bought a ticket.

Your cub reporter is heading into the Big (Big!) House, for a look into the largest consumer market in the Western Hemisphere.

I’ve looked at the US cannabis industry, but I’ve never been in it. I’m gonna take a day or two off first.

But then I’m gonna fill up the tanks, stock the larder, and head into open waters.

TheCannalysts will be reporting live from MJBizCon in Vegas next week.

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