Liberty Health Sciences Q2 F2019

Open up the fins and MDA and follow along... A few items I would like to note prior to diving into fins… GMP received in June 2018… this will be important if/when Hemp gets pushed through Farm bill. Those big box stores want GMP. Issued more shares to satisfy a USD 6.0 million bill for work done on the 360 complex by Thermo Energy Systems [Leamington co… I might add.] 4 dispensaries operating for the Q.. 3 more open in Q3 with 4 new leases signed. That gets to 11 vs the 10-12 to be open before F2019 year end and 16-18 before F2020…

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State Monopolies and The Investor

I’ve railed at various times about the creation of State Monopolies to distribute cannabis. I’ve experience with them in my professional life - notably power, and interacting within the booze regime in Alberta, where I’d acquired an importation license to import tequila and craft beer from the states. It seems right to put all of it in one place, and explain why these Zombies of the State are an anachronism in the 21st century: utterly vulgar for consumers, businesses, investors, and ultimately......the citizen. When the pure, naked, and bottomless greed of governments across the country rolled cannabis into their purview, I wrote a couple…

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