The Rise of the Machines

It's timely that all three Cannalysts were out in the field touring last week. Especially where we were. Blue went to Aphria Phase IV & V, while Cyto and myself found ourselves at Aurora SKY.  It was also timely because both ACB & APHA received license amendments over the past couple of weeks that’ll allow them both to fully operationalize their respective platforms. When I saw Aphria’s buildout  last fall - I was agog at the scale and ambition of creating an advanced manufacturing platform for growing cannabis. SKY has been described as ‘…the most technologically advanced cannabis hybrid-indoor facility in the world’. While…

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Aphria Disposal of the Last of Their Liberty Health Science Interest

The Aphria final divestment of their LHS investment means little difference operationally for LHS today than yesterday.  They do lose Solei and RIFF brands, but you knew that yesterday.  LHS was doing a lot of extraction research and production on new formats that will be likely seen in Canada in 2019.  Flow of that knowledge was heading North, not South, on new formats.  Knowledge heading South was on the cultivation side, and it remains to be seen if the knowledge transfer was fully complete. On the Aphria side of the ledger a once strategic investment in 2017 was deemed “non essential” in 2019.  The…

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Retail in Amsterdam & Lessons for Canada

I’ve been travelling to Mokum several times per year over the past 17 years. I’ve seen a lot of change in their retail cannabis market over that time as well. ‘Mokum’ is sometimes how Amsterdammers refer to their home… an affectionate ‘pet name’ as it were. The friends I’ve made there and frequent visits to the city (driven by sincere love for it) have allowed me watch their cannabis and coffeeshop culture evolve - as a local from afar. I’ve also been able to witness change in their retail market there over time. And it is very fluid. Early on, nederweit was very, very good. It…

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