WECann™ 2018 – Video Release – Operations Panel

From the event, our Operational Excellence Panel explores: Purpose built vs retrofit, Batch vs Continuous Harvest, Agricultural SOPs vs Pharma And more! With: Dieter MacPherson, VP Operations, Aurora Dan Sutton, CEO Tantalus Labs John Cervini, SVP Infrastructure & Technology, Aphria Ryan Lee, CEO Chemovar Corp.   https://youtu.be/JAesg-sOUCU

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Mucci Farms Cucumber GH Tour – Cronos JV Partner

The biggest question I get when I would tell someone I was touring a cucumber farm was: WHY?  Fair enough… When we did WE Cann™ in Leamington I asked a number of growers a question: Out of the new entrants from the local GH community that were getting into cannabis, who is most likely to succeed? Two names always came up: Bert Mucci and Peter Quiring.  As you may know Bert Mucci is JV’ing with Cronos on a +800,000 sq ft GH in Kingsville, Ontario and Peter Quiring is JV’ing with Auxly on a 1,400,000 sq ft GH in Leamington. The other reasons I…

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Aphria1 and DoubleDiamond Tour November 4, 2018

On November 4, 2018 TheCannalysts toured Aphria Diamond and Aphria1. Other than touring Broken Coast Cannabis for the “Boots on the Ground” documentary, this was the first time that all three Cannalysts have done a tour together.  What follows is each of our perspectives on the tour. Mollytime: Unlike my compatriots, I haven’t toured a large-scale formal greenhouse before. I’ve been confined to the pristine shoals of immaculate control: indoor only. So, being introduced to how professional agriculture approaches growing and processing and packaging…..and the logistics of it all at scale….it takes some adjustment in approach. It’s the difference between the hand-hewn craftsman of…

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