The FAQs

The following are the most commonly asked questions about investing in cannabis stocks. They can be found in many places on the internet, they have been asked often, and add little to discussion. If you’re here asking these, this isn’t for you.

“Boy, that’s a dumb question”

No, no it’s not. If you are asking it, you are more than likely not alone. A question is dumb though if it covers something you could’ve looked up first (like definitions), or if it’s just rhetorical shlock. If you’re wondering whether a catalyst might be bullish or bearish to the sector (or a company) – have at ‘er. That said….let’s move on to…..

Should I buy (stock name here)?

This question says “I’m looking for advice from complete strangers”. Would you walk into a room and ask complete strangers for advice? Probably not. Asking for advice on the internet is exactly that.

Many people will have opinions and outlooks, but no one can predict the future accurately.

If you are going to take advice from someone, there is risk of financial loss.

The market for equities in the cannabis industry is extremely volatile, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

Anyone saying ‘buy this you’ll triple your money in three days’ is likely the same people selling (or perhaps buying) the ‘Make $5,000 per day from your home doing nothing’ type of scams.

We do not advise anyone to buy or sell stocks on the opinions presented within this forum.

Why don’t you do analysis on penny stocks?

A useful link to information on penny stocks (sometimes known as ‘pink sheets’) can be found here. It is self explanatory.

I have [$X], what should I do?

Buy a book about investing. Seriously, go buy a book. Read it. Then go buy another one. And read that one. If you are still stuck, put the mouse down and ask a financial professional to do your investing for you.

How do I invest in [insert country or currency here]?

How do you invest in Canadian stocks? How about the US? How do I access the Australian stock market?

Ask yourself: Do I really understand what kinds of financial exposure I am buying? If you’re here asking how to invest in something or somewhere here, you may not be experienced enough to know whether to invest in that company or place.

Your online brokerage, physical broker, or an investment firm is the best place to ask for ticker symbols and access to investing outside of your country of origin.

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