The Team

The Cannalysts are a team of three professionals using their skillsets and experience to provide you with an independent view on companies operating within and supplying to the legal cannabis sector.

Andrew Udell Mollytime

Andrew is a subject matter specialist in physical & financial commodity trading. He imputes cost of capital, industry fundamentals, and analyses the ‘equity box’ of a range of companies in the legal cannabis space. He has also created a model of the cannabis value chain - that details risk across the value chain.

Graham Jones CytochromeP

Graham is a plant biochemist, bioinformatician and finance enthusiast. He focuses on demystification of scientific processes and patents used in the cannabis industry. Hosting a monthly Science Q&A encourages readers to expand their understanding of science in industry.

Craig Wiggins GoBlue - Retired

Craig, with +30 years of developing and implementing highly structured international, large-ticket, proprietary credit facilities, delivers to TheCannalysts website subscribers detailed quarterly credit and cost analysis on all major cannabis industry financial results, including trend and peer-based analysis.

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